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AAF export from Adobe Premiere Pro

When exporting the audio from your project its very important that you do it the right way, otherwise it might fail to load into Pro Tools for sound editing, or data might be lost in the transfer. The best way of getting all you audio to us is

Recording Wind

How do you record the wind? Usually as a recordist, we try to eliminate the wind, because wind hitting the microphones causes a very undesired effect. That's why we try our best to shield the mics from the wind with Rycote Windjammers and the like.  Basically the fur

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About Plain Momentum

Plain Momentum has been part of the sound crew on several major fictional films, documentaries and TV series.

Run by award winning sound designer Thomas Pape, Plain Momentum specializes in recording, sound design and mixing across multiple mediums.

From developing new ways of recording sounds, to being on the forefront of the technological development in cinema sound and immersive audio, Plain Momentum continues to stive to deliver the best in audio-visual storytelling.

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