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How to transfer a Pro Tools session

If you need to transfer your Pro Tools session to someone else, here are some foolproof ways to get everything you worked on, sent off safely.   #1 Send a full copy of you Pro Tools Session   If you need to send a full copy of your session

Delivery Specs

Delivery specs for Audio Editing Please follow these guidelines when delivering a project for audio editing. Video: DNxHD 36 .mov video file, 1080p. (Don't use DNxHR!) Have a stereo audio track in the videofile for our reference. Use timecode 01:00:00:00 as First Frame of Action (FFOA). Video

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About Plain Momentum

Plain Momentum has been part of the sound crew on several major fictional films, documentaries and TV series.

Run by award winning sound designer Thomas Pape, Plain Momentum specializes in recording, sound design and mixing across multiple mediums.

From developing new ways of recording sounds, to being on the forefront of the technological development in cinema sound and immersive audio, Plain Momentum continues to stive to deliver the best in audio-visual storytelling.

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