Brukaren och Assistenten

Simon says; you have to do what I want! In a series of hilarious misconceptions and deliberate cons, Simon puts his assistant into one embarrassing situation after the next. Because he is paralyzed from the neck down and only communicates via blinking and nodding, nobody suspects him as the mastermind behind the mischievous plots! Thomas Pape was on the set recording audio for this sketch show that

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Unemployed and clueless

If you can’t get a job, you’ll just have to steal one – according to a new comedy series, The Job Thief. Comedian and actor Per Andersson, famed from Grotesco and the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, plays the lead character as an unemployed man. Instead of taking boring courses for the unemployed at the Swedish

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SOS Ambulans

SOS Ambulans is a fake reality show where a camera crew follows two paramedics, DC, and Karla, during their everyday work. Neither DC or Karla are particularly suitable for the task and it often ends in chaos and confusion. Karla loses temper quickly, and DC would generally like to avoid patient contact altogether. But they consoled themselves with the fact that at least they are trying hard. Plain Momentum has recorded and mixed the audio on the first Season of SOS Ambulans which aired exclusively on

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