4 films to Cannes 2012


This year four films that Plain Momentum has been working on has been selected for screening at Cannes Short Film Corner! Congratulations to everyone that have been working hard to make these films great!



The four films are:


  • By Stine MICHELSEN
  • Sound Design by Thomas Pape (Plain Momentum)

Torbjørn lives alone on his farm, Cut off from the World. He speaks only trough dictaphones, recorded by his deceased mother. One day Freya arrives on the Island and the meeting between the two, can be the start of a new life for Torbjørn. But can he escape his past?


  • By Jacqueline LANDAU
  • Sound Recording by Thomas Pape (Plain Momentum)

The religious girl Katharina is having an affair with the son of her much older husband. In an attempt to discover her secret lover, her husband ties her up to a chair for 3 days, waiting for her rescuers approach. Stuck between her two fighting lovers, Katharina shoots the both of them.


  • By Filip HOLM
  • Sound Design by Thomas Pape (Plain Momentum)

Anders is a former factory worker whose existence has lost its meaning and who lives outside the limits of civilized behaviour. His father Stig is a senile senior citizen with a succesful academic career behind him. Stig is full of pride and joie de vivre.


  • By Silvia HARASZTI
  • Sound Design by Thomas Pape (Plain Momentum)

A man and woman get married, but while dancing afterwards the man suddenly dies and she does not know how to deal with it. Is she going to follow grief and scream her head out and go crazy, or let love guide her on to new experiences?


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