Unemployed and clueless

If you can’t get a job, you’ll just have to steal one – according to a new comedy series, The Job Thief. Comedian and actor Per Andersson, famed from Grotesco and the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, plays the lead character as an unemployed man.

Instead of taking boring courses for the unemployed at the Swedish Public Employment Service, he decides to make up his own job to go to, and so the pretending begins. In every episode he pretends to work with a different profession – construction worker, teacher and librarian – with mixed results every time.

The Job Thief was produced by Tre Vänner for SVT. Niklas Larsson was the producer and the manuscript was written by Johan Johansson, who also wrote parts of Morgonsoffan (The Morning Couch), Clownen luktar bensin (Swedish radio program, The clown smells of petrol) and Time Out. The series was broadcast in ten sketches, starting Friday, December 2, 2011.

Sound by Thomas Pape, Plain Momentum.



Se the episodes here:


For a Plain Momentum exclusive behind the scenes look, check out this video:


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